Working with Palladio

We did not meet for class last Thursday, but we were assigned to either get familiar with Palladio or Tableau. I followed Miriam Posner’s tutorial on Getting Started with Palladio. I thought the tutorial was pretty simple and I was able to follow each step. Palladio allows you to layer your data on a map. The application also allows us to view a timeline and sort our data through facets. By using facets, I was able to find different relationships between different data. The tutorial also helped me in making a network diagram. The network diagram helped me make relationships among different entities. Finally, the tutorial showed us how to download our maps. Overall, I thought the tutorial was straightforward and I really did not encounter any hardships with Palladio. I have pasted a screenshot of my network diagram below. I enjoyed Palladio, however I do wish the tutorial showed how to add more color to the map or the network diagrams. Overall I felt that my map and diagram were a little dull. Also, I personally felt that Palladio was a little buggy.  My browser would freeze and I had to start over.

I am excited to formally start our projects next week. We have learned various tools in class, and I can’t wait to put them together for my project. I hope to have a lot of fun working with the different applications we learned this semester and applying the data I find. I am also excited to see wheat relationships I find in my data, and how I will choose to display the data. Therefore, I am looking forward to next week!

My network diagram.

One thought on “Working with Palladio

  1. Notwithstanding the browser issues you experienced I’m glad that you were able to complete the Palladio tutorial without too many difficulties. I wonder if any of the techniques you used would be of use in your final project? I’m glad that you’re excited to get started on the project this week and look forward to working with you on it.


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